This is a directory for linking and finding Blog Trains, Blog Hops, and Linky Parties.

Do you host a Linky Party or Blog Train? Our new directory is just for you to add your hosted blogs and websites.
Whether you host a monthly freebie train, or an everyday meme or theme party, there is a category for each type.
Check the ABOUT page to find out how to add your links to the directory.


Our goal is to give you a directory of all active Blog Trains, Blog Hops, and Linky Parties.
We currently use a paid version of Linky Tools, because they give us the freedom of choice to create Blog Trains and Parties based on personal and commercial use. This means we are not limited to using the service for personal blogs only, and can throw parties based on stores, shops, and selling as well. If you are submitting parties based on a store, or selling, please be sure to state that in your descriptions.

Please note all submitted links require approval and a link back to the Blog. You can do so by grabbing the code found below on all pages. If for some reason you can not use code on your page, a text link to HOPIN N CROPIN linking to http://hopincropincreations.blogspot.com/ will be fine

I do check each link to the directory for a verified webpage or blog, (no spammy sites) and the link back to our blog. Once verified your Linky Party and Blog Hops and Trains will be activated with 48 hours.

Above and beyond our required link back, you have the option to grab the code to this directory (or any of our directory page codes) and place them on your own sites. This will generate traffic for you, and you will be helping to support our directory. People will be able to submit links directly to your site without leaving. You have to do nothing but place the codes on your own sites, the directory will update itself automatically.

Thanks for your support!

We have a perfectly safe and very informative toolbar that exists at the top of these pages. Unfortunatley, it only shows up when you are in http:// mode, and not in secure mode. To make the toolbar show, please click the following link. http://hopincropincreations.blogspot.com, and disregard any warning. There is nothing on this website that can or will harm you.

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